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Literature and Lectures by Edith Packer, George Reisman, and Others

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Nine Lectures on Psychologyon CDs.

All nine of Dr. Packer's lectures described immediately below in their audiotape versions are now available in mp3 format on two CDs. The total running time of the CDs is over 18 hours. Price: $99.95.

Dr. Packer's individual lectures are now available on CDs in wav format,
at the same prices as her audiotapes and can be ordered below


This lecture, originally delivered at the Jefferson School's summer conference in 1993, defines and analyzes the emotion of anger and its motivational role in an individual's psychology and action. It differentiates anger from hostility and aggression. It deals with the consequences of suppressed and repressed anger, and the manifestation of such anger in psychosomatic symptoms. Finally, it recommends some appropriate ways of managing anger, both emotionally and behaviorally. (2 tapes, approximately 2 hours, combining the Q&A sessions from both the Los Angeles and New York seminars) Price: $26.95
Pamphlet version, 23 pages (no Q&A;) $4.25. Read an excerpt.

Happiness Skills

A discussion of the conscious and subconscious conclusions, attitudes, and skills required for successful living and the achievement of a positive emotional state in everyday life. Application is made to the four crucial areas of work, romantic relationships, friendships, and leisure. Dr. Packer explains the importance of such attitudes and skills as focusing on positive goals, thinking long range, holding perspective, not exaggerating the significance of failure, not fearing negative emotions, and commitment to action. (Two-tape set containing extensive Q&A. Total running time of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.) Price: $26.95
Pamphlet version, 22 pages (no Q&A). $4.25. Read an excerpt.

Understanding the Subconscious

Shows how the automatic functioning of the subconscious rests on “core evaluations,” which are fundamental, universalized evaluations based on concrete experiences. Explains how core evaluations underlie our everyday integration of aspects of reality and our emotional responses. No Q&A. Running time of 60 minutes. Price: $12.95
Pamphlet version, 16 pages (no Q&A). $3.25. Read an excerpt.

The Art of Introspection

Provides a detailed analysis of the foundations of individual emotions and a method of understanding the connection between emotions and conscious and subconscious premises. (This is a two-tape set containing a broad-ranging Q&A on psychology. Total running time is more than 3 hours) Price: $29.95
Pamphlet version, 20 pages, (no Q&A). $3.50. Read an excerpt.

Toward a Lasting Romantic Relationship Part I

A comprehensive guide to creating and sustaining a romantic relationship. Offers valuable advice on how to recognize both true compatibility and inappropriate methods of choosing a mate, and explains the psychological basis of physical attraction between people who barely know one another. Shows the importance of sex connected with love, the necessity of each partner being the most important person in the other's life, and the need for emotional communication between the partners and how to promote this. (A two-tape set containing Q&A. Total running time of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes) Price: $26.95
Pamphlet version, 22 pages (no Q&A). $4.25 Read an excerpt.

Toward a Lasting Romantic Relationship Part II

Shows how psychological problems create barriers to successful romantic relationships. Covers factors that undercut one's sense of sexual identity, and examines the impediments caused by defense values and defense mechanisms, especially repression. Also deals with parental influences—both psychological and existential—that can harm a couple's relationship, and explains what can be done about them. (With Q&A running time 90 minutes) Price: $18.95
Pamphlet version, 23 pages (no Q&A). $4.25. Read an excerpt.

The Role of Philosophy In Psychotherapy

Explains the need for a rational philosophical foundation in applying such concepts as mental health and mental illness and in diagnosing and treating the psychological problems of patients. (With Q&A, running time of 90 minutes) Price: $18.95
Pamphlet version, 18 pages (no Q&A). $3.50. Read an excerpt.

The Obsessive-Compulsive Syndrome

Deals with the obsessive-compulsive defense mechanism, which gives the individual the illusion of power and control. Dr. Packer describes the elements of the mechanism, its causes, its use in everyday life, and the different varieties in which it appears. She discusses the arbitrary, out-of-context “shoulds” that motivate the compulsive personality, the compulsive personality's need for omniscience, its chronic doubting and “all-or-nothing” attitude, and the special difficulties a compulsive personality encounters in romantic relationships. (A two-tape set containing Q&A, total running time of over 3 hours) Price: $29.95
Pamphlet version, 23 pages (no Q&A). $4.25. Read an excerpt.

The Psychological Requirements of a Free Society

Analyzes the psychological factors that predispose an individual to support or reject capitalism. (Regrettably, the sound quality on this tape is poor.) (90 min., including Q&A) Price: $16.95
Pamphlet version, 12 pages (no Q&A). $3.00. Read an excerpt.

An Interview with Edith Packer on Psychotherapy

The interview describes what it is like to undergo psychotherapy and what is required to achieve improved psychological health. In addition, it discusses the difference between core evaluations and explicit philosophical premises, and the significance of knowing one's philosophy of life from a psychological perspective (by understanding one's core evaluations.). Finally, it discusses the nature of defense values and role playing, and how even a philosophy such as Objectivism can be held in one's psychology as a defense value. (Pamphlet only.) $4.25. Read an excerpt.

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Special Offer: All 9 of the above audiotape lectures of Dr. Packer—which separately sell for a combined price of $182.55—for $99.95. (Please Note: this offer does not apply to the CD wav version of Dr. Packer's lectures, which are available only at their individual audiotape prices.)

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This collection is also available in mp3 format on two CDs for $99.95, as offered above.

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